DIY Miniature Indoor Bonsai Tree Garden - Japanese Black Pine Tree

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GROW YOUR OWN BONSAI TREE: This DIY kit include everything needed to start growing your popular Japanese Black Pine Tree Bonsai. The leaves of this tree turn a beautiful Evergreen color with needle-like leaves.
DIY KIT INCLUDES: Terra-cotta pot, Japanese Black Pine Tree seeds, propagating cover, a bag of compost and instructional booklet
PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Our DIY bonsai kit makes a great gift for birthdays, housewarming, graduation, weddings and much more.
GREAT INTRO TO BONSAI GROWING: Familiarize yourself with bonsai culture with our DIY kit. Our bonsai guide has all the information needed to get started.
100% GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your bonsai kit, please notify us and we will correct the situation.

The Japanese black pine is a native of Japan and is arguably one of the most classic of bonsai pine species. The Black Pine is a very vigorous tree that is commonly grown in Japan in parks and ornamental gardens where impressive heights of up to 25 feet and an outreaching spread of 20-35 feet are commonly reached. Black Pines are very tolerant of poor conditions, surviving in nature on barren, stony soils. White pines are frequently grafted onto the more vigorous Black pine rootstock to improve its vigor and growth-rate. Being extremely hearty and disease free makes the Black Pine bonsai perfect for beginners and masters alike.